[VIP ONLY] Adidas Confirmed Entries - Yeezy 380 RF

[VIP ONLY] Adidas Confirmed Entries - Yeezy 380 RF


  • 1) You buy accounts from us
  • 2) We instantly deliver them
  • 3) Enter them instantly on a release of your choice

-Entry only valid from accounts purchased in the month of August from us

-VIP members only. We will validate all license keys


[DOES NOT INCLUDE ACCOUNTS] You need Adidas accounts prior to purchasing entries. Don't have accounts? Buy Adidas accounts here


We'll enter your Adidas accounts. Simply fill out the google sheet here, make the link shareable, and we'll do the rest

Instructions are posted above very clearly, we will not refund if you fail to fill out the form or share the form correctly.

*Does not include Adidas accounts

*Does not guarantee success

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