UPS Label Scan Service

UPS Label Scan Service


[REQUIRED] Upload a picture of your label here:

  • 1) You buy a label scan from us
  • 2) Wait until 5-6PM EST for it to scan (orders after this time will be processed the following day)
  • 3) Score! Your label is scanned and you sold your shoes for a higher price

Using this service could potentially get your account banned from StockX / GOAT / UPS, by purchasing this service you accept this risk and BORO INC is not responsible.


Get trusted label scans for your StockX, GOAT, and other UPS orders. Please read FAQ below for more information.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • A label scan is when you take the label for the item you are shipping and you buy a "label" scan and get the label scanned at UPS without actually having the shoe and only scanning the label. UPS ONLY.

  • What do label scans do and why do people use them?

    One example of how people use label scans is by selling a shoe on GOAT/StockX before they even get the shoe, then sending the label to a label scanning service. This bypasses the 2/3 days you have to ship the item before the sale gets canceled and they charge you. People use these label scans to sell items/shoes before the release to make hundreds if not thousands of extra profit.

  • Another example

    My friend copped a size W12.5 Jordan 3 A Ma Maniere released on there website early before SNKRS or any other websites. The day of purchasing the shoes the prices were at 700+, since he copped he put the shoe up for sale on GOAT. They sold for around $700, it took about a week to come but he scanned the label and got extra days to ship. A week later once people were getting their pairs they were at $500 so he made $200 more before fees and the label scan was only $10.

  • How long can you wait before shipping the shoe?

    Usually people don't go past 2 weeks because the buyer of the shoe could email the company and start complaining, but some people have waited months before shipping and still get their payouts with no issues

  • I cannot long into the email with the accounts you gave me!

    The accounts we provide you are not email accounts. They are only designed to login to the website you bought them for.

  • I already purchased accounts from you, can I use the same email without you making duplicates?

    Yes, you can order as many times as you'd like on the same email.

  • Terms of Service

    We are not responsible for any account bans or cancelations on any orders. We are also not responsible for anything else you may use the label scans for. We just scan the label for you to give you an extra week or two to ship. We are not responsible for any way you might use these scans for. By purchasing a label scan you agree to the terms and service and understand completely.