I also agree that I completely read everything here and didn't just rush to checkout and just click it just to click it

I completely understand that BORO INC never makes exceptions and adheres to all listed policies here

I also agree that chargebacks are against Terms of Service. BORO INC will fight the dispute. If BORO INC wins, you will not get your money or pairs delivered.

I also understand the delivery time of this pre order product which is described below

I also understand that I can't cancel my order after ordering. Pressing this checkbox confirms you didn't order this "accidentally"

I also understand that pressing this checkbox , I certify that I am going to be putting in the correct shipping address

  • 1) You buy pre-order from us
  • 2) Wait up to 16 weeks+ after official release date (It could take longer than 16 weeks)
  • 3) Score! Your under market pair is delivered
Ships in 7-14 days
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