AJ4 Shimmer

AJ4 Shimmer



I also agree that I completely read everything here and didn't just rush to checkout and just click it just to click it

I completely understand that BORO INC never makes exceptions and adheres to all listed policies here

I also agree that chargebacks are against Terms of Service. BORO INC will fight the dispute. If BORO INC wins, you will not get your money or pairs delivered.

I also understand the delivery time of this pre order product which is described below

I also understand that I can't cancel my order after ordering. Pressing this checkbox confirms you didn't order this "accidentally"

I also understand that pressing this checkbox , I certify that I am going to be putting in the correct shipping address

  • 1) You buy pre-order from us
  • 2) Wait up to 16 weeks+ after official release date (It could take longer than 16 weeks)
  • 3) Score! Your under market pair is delivered

Name : Air Jordan 4 Shimmer

This is a pre-order product, please read below:

-All pairs are 100% authentic, we do NOT sell fakes

-All pairs are brand new / DS and come with OG all

-Pairs are 100% guaranteed

-Pairs typically ship within 3-4 weeks after the official retail release date 99% of the time, but could take up to 12 weeks just to be safe. If you do not feel comfortable waiting up to 12 weeks after the official release date of the item, we ask that you do not order as there are no refunds / cancellations.

Estimated Retail Release Date (Subject to change) : Sept, 2021

Products pictured are a mockup. Retail product is subject to change. Retail product reflects SKU in title.

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