Return / Pre-Order Policy (LAST UPDATED MARCH 18, 2021)

Refunds are not provided on digital products. We only offer replacements if your order is in the 30 day warranty and has not been tampered with (you intentionally changed the password)


If you break any rules you will be banned without refund.


Pairs typically ship within 4-12 weeks after the official retail release date 99% of the time, but could take up to 16 weeks just to be safe. If you do not feel comfortable waiting up to 16 weeks after the official release date of the item, we ask that you do not order as there are no refunds / cancellations. By purchasing you completely understand the wait time.

There are absolutely NO refunds / cancellations on pre-order products unless you did not receive the product 16 weeks AFTER the official release date announced by the manufacturer (NOT the order date)


Any chargebacks placed on orders are against our Terms of Service. We will fight all chargebacks with evidence and we will not fulfill any orders that have been fraudulently chargedback regardless of the dispute outcome.