Return / Pre-Order Policy

Refunds are not provided on digital products. We only offer replacements if your order is in the 30 day warranty and has not been tampered with (you intentionally changed the password)

Physical Products

Returns on physical products are not permitted unless the product you received is defective (wrong size, damaged product). In that case, we will issue you a return shipping label and a refund will be provided after we receive the product back and verify your claim. We do not guarantee damaged boxes as we get them directly from the manufacturer. You are paying for the shoes to be brand new, not the box. The box could have wear and tear due to normal shipping movements.


If you break any rules you will be banned without refund.


Pairs typically ship within 4-16+ weeks after the official retail release date most of the time, but it could take longer. If you do not feel comfortable waiting, we ask that you do not order as there are no refunds / cancellations. By purchasing you completely understand the wait time. If the pre order cannot be fulfilled in any circumstance, a refund back to the original payment method will be provided.

If you do want a refund on a pre-order, make a support ticket and one will be provided.

We reserve the right to cancel any pre orders.

Any chargebacks placed on orders are against our Terms of Service. We will fight all chargebacks with evidence and we will not fulfill ALL orders that have been chargedback regardless of the dispute outcome. That means if you fraudulently chargeback and lose the chargeback, all of your orders made under your email / name will not be fulfilled without refund as you will be flagged a fraudulent customer.

Other Info

If you "accidentally" checkout digital products / physical products using autofill or an autocheckout bot, you must notify us within 24 hours of purchase. A 20% restocking fee will be taken from your order as these bots are not permitted on our site, and you assume all responsibility of using them. BORO INC is not responsible for any lost or stolen shipments. BORO INC does not guarantee any condition of the box merchandise is shipped in, only the merchandise itself. Some shipments may have damaged boxes.

Extended Wait Times

The wait times stated on the product page / here are just estimates. It could take longer for situations out of our control such as COVID-19 / supply chain crisis. If you can't wait months after the release, please DO NOT order.

Random Sizing

Random sizing does not guarantee you any specific spread of size run. By ordering random sizing, you agree you are comfortable getting any allocation of sizes